Portland Earthquake Kits sells 30-90 day earthquake preparedness kits for homeowner recovery and business continuity.

Homeowners need a basic comfort kit for living for months without city services.

A 72 hour emergency bag is great if you are evacuating, but most homeowners will stay in their homes after a major quake. Our Essentials Kit contains only critical items – the ones you really need, the ones you don’t already have, and the ones you can’t have too much of – at a price every homeowner can afford.

Do you rely on your business for income? That won’t change after an earthquake.

50% of all businesses close after a major disaster, and businesses that stay closed for 5 days have a 90% chance of never opening again. We can do better. Portland has a thriving economy, and it will grow and thrive again. We can help you with the materials you need to stay open, even without electricity or running water.

Preparing adequately takes time, effort, and can be expensive and overwhelming. We can help! We’ve done the research, and can provide you what you need for less than it would cost you on your own. Promise.

Essentials Kit

This kit is designed for homes and/or businesses and contains the minimum, essential items that you will need to establish a basic level of safety, hygiene and comfort. It includes protection from the elements, first aid, a place and plan for going to the bathroom, emergency lighting for your home or office, emergency radio/phone charger, and more.

Comes with storage instructions, Earthquake Preparation Checklist, Earthquake Action Plan, RDPO Bucket Toilet Guidelines, Post-Earthquake information, and map/list of BEECN sites where you can get aid and information after an earthquake. Kit contents and details in kit description.

Free Shipping – 30 day money-back guarantee.

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Disclaimer: The kits sold by Portland Earthquake Kits under any name, including the “Essentials Kit”, ​are not intended to be considered comprehensive, exhaustive, or complete. Portland Earthquake Kits cannot guarantee that our kits will cover your entire, essential, immediate, or most important needs after any type of disaster. For more details please review our Terms and Conditions.

Information about earthquakes in our area can be found under the Resources link in our top menu, including interactive earthquake maps and links to city, state, regional, and national disaster management resources.

How long will services be down after an earthquake?


The Oregon Resilience Plan provides the most thorough and accurate information about how our infrastructure will be affected, including an estimate of service outages after a major earthquake.

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Estimate of service downtime

Where can I go to get help after an earthquake?


The Portland Bureau of Emergency Managment has a map of BEECN Nodes where you can get help after an earthquake.

Find one near you. Printed map comes with Essentials Kit.

Basic Emergency Earthquake Communication Nodes Map

What is the earthquake risk for my neighborhood?


The City of Portland has an interactive map that shows the earthquake risk by address.

Go to the site, enter in your address, and scroll down to “Relative Earthquake Hazard”.

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