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Portland Earthquake Kits sells 30-90 day earthquake preparedness kits for business continuity and homeowner recovery.

Homeowners need a comfort kit for living for months without city services.

Most homeowners will stay in their homes after a major quake, and you will need more than a 72 hour bag. Our Essentials Kit contains only critical items – the ones you really need, the ones you don’t already have, and the ones you can’t have too much of – at a price every homeowner can afford.

Invest in business continuity, and stay open after an earthquake.

50% of all businesses close after a major disaster, and businesses that stay closed for 5 days have a 90% chance of never opening again. Let’s do better! Your services will still be needed by Portlanders – AND an army of aid workers with cash in hand. We can help you stay open, even without electricity or running water.

Preparing adequately takes time, effort, and can be expensive and overwhelming. We can help! We’ve done the research, and can provide you what you need for less than it would cost you on your own. Promise.

Prepare your home or business
Home Earthquake Kit Image

This kit is designed for homes and/or businesses and contains the minimum, essential items that you will need to establish a basic level of safety, hygiene and comfort. It includes protection from the elements, first aid, a place and plan for going to the bathroom, emergency lighting for your home or office, emergency radio/phone charger, and more.

Comes with storage instructions, Earthquake Preparation Checklist, Earthquake Action Plan, RDPO Bucket Toilet Guidelines, Post-Earthquake information, and map/list of BEECN sites where you can get aid and information after an earthquake. Kit contents and details in kit description.
Get a Go-Bag
2 person emergency bag

Most emergency bags are packed with survival stuff you won’t need. If you live in a city, are you really going to set up a tube tent, navigate with a compass, signal aircraft with a mirror, or start a fire? Instead of worrying about what you need, think about what you are definitely going to want:

  • Safety – A good first aid kit that focuses on trauma injuries, antibacterial wipes, KN95 face mask.
  • Hygiene – Poop bags and tissues, body wipes for staying clean, hand sanitizer.
  • Communications and Lighting – Quality hand-crank radio, cell phone charger, headlamps, string lights for ambient lighting.
  • Water and Food – 1 liter per person plus water purification tablets, high-calorie food bars for 3 days.
  • Warm and Dry – Emergency sleeping bags, full length multiple-use raincoats.
  • Extras – A good, sharp tactical knife, emergency whistles, and extra batteries.

See the whole list in the description for additional information.

Create a customized emergency kit
Build your own emergency bag

Can’t find the exact kit you want? Don’t want to pay for stuff you already have or don’t need? Build your own customized emergency bag!

The contents of your emergency kit are important, and we feel it’s worth the time to consider each item individually. We’ve put together a list of the things we think are good candidates for an emergency bag, with options at different price ranges. These items have been tested and we stand by them. As with all our products, if you decide you don’t like something, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days if unused and in original packaging. All items are optional – select, deselect, or change whatever you like.

Portland Bureau of Emergency Management Neighbor Emergency Teams logo Includes items for CERTS/Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NET).
How will you get home?
Commuter kit

If you commute to work and there is an earthquake, you will have to walk home, as long as it takes. For those who work downtown, there may also not be means of crossing the river for several days, and you may have to live out of the office till then. This commuter bag is an emergency comfort kit to get you through the first 24-48 hours.

This kit comes in a heavy-duty, waterproof drawstring backpack small enough to fit under the driver or passenger seat of most cars and trucks, or out of sight in a desk drawer. It contains the most essential items you will need, including a basic first aid kit, emergency water, sanitary supplies, and more. (See below for detailed list.) There is additional room for a warm hat, clean pair of socks, extra medications, or other small items.

Doesn’t have what you want? Consider building your own custom kit.

Quantity discounts available! Contact us to purchase for your whole office.

Storing water for emergencies


The City of Portland recommends a 2 week minimum supply of water for each person and/or pet. If you need water containers, choose from the options below.

  • Containers are BPA-free, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Store in a cool, dry place free of chemicals or toxins.
  • Containers come with a spigot and vent cap for easy dispensing.

How much do I need?

  • 1 person: minimum 2 (7 gallon) containers
  • 2 people/pets: 4 containers
  • 3 people/pets: 6 containers
  • 4 people/pets: 8 containers or 1 drum
  • 5 people/pets: 10 containers or 1 drum and 2 containers
  • 6 people/pets: 12 containers or 1 drum and 4 containers

For more information and suggestions about buying, storing, and preparing water containers, see the Guidelines for storing water for an earthquake. It is also recommended to replace the water every six months, although water never goes bad.

55 Gallon Drum Kit

55 gallon drum

Help reduce waste while saving money! A refurbished 55 gallon drum is the most inexpensive and often the most convenient way to store water. Drums have been previously used for food or beverages, and come triple hot-washed with a water jet and treated with bleach to remove residual flavors. Drum has closed top with 2 bungs (holes) for filling.

Price includes bung wrench for opening the bungs caps on the top and heavy-duty siphon for retrieving water. 25/35 foot RV water hose recommended for filling.

Sold to Portland residents only. Free delivery!

Reliance Jumbo Tainer water storage container

Reliance Jumbo Tainer

Another great option by Reliance, these 7 gallon containers feature a tall, slim design that makes them easier to store large quantities of water when horizontal space is limited, and easier to carry than square or round containers. They come with a spigot for easy table dispensing and two handles, making their weight easier to handle between two people.

Sold as a 2-pack (14 gallons, enough for 1 person / 2 week minimum per city guidelines.)

Delivery free to Portland area only. 

Reliance Aqua-Tainer water storage container

Reliance Aqua Tainer

These rugged, 7 gallon BPA-free water storage containers are the most popular option on the market. Its square shape is convenient for compact floor storage, inside or outside your home or office, and it comes with a sturdy handle and an adjustable spigot so that it can be placed on its side on a table for dispensing water easily with low flow.

Sold as a 2-pack (14 gallons, enough for 1 person / 2 week minimum per city guidelines.)

Delivery free to Portland area only. 


Free Shipping – 30 day money-back guarantee.

Disclaimer: The kits sold by Portland Earthquake Kits under any name, including the “Essentials Kit”, ​are not intended to be considered comprehensive, exhaustive, or complete. Portland Earthquake Kits cannot guarantee that our kits will cover your entire, essential, immediate, or most important needs after any type of disaster. For more details please review our Terms and Conditions.

Why wait? Check this off your list today!
Learn how an earthquake might affect you
Information about earthquakes in our area can be found under Earthquake Info in our top menu, including interactive earthquake maps and links to city, state, regional, and national disaster management resources.
Estimate of service downtime
How long will services be down after a major earthquake?

The Oregon Resilience Plan provides the most accurate information about how our infrastructure will be affected, including an estimate of service outages after a major earthquake. Some services will return within a couple months, but running water and sewer systems will take longer.

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