image of emergency pocket stove and fuel tablets
Mini pocket stove with fuel tabs

Mini pocket stove with fuel tabs


Mini pocket stove (2 large fuel tabs included)

The simplest, cheapest, and most reliable option. No moving parts, no experience necessary. Simply open the stove, place one of the fuel tablets on the tray, and light with a lighter. We looked at other portable stoves, but for an emergency bag you will probably only need to use the stove a few times, so we don’t recommend purchasing something expensive if you don’t already own a camp stove.

The mini pocket stove comes with 2, 24 gram hexamine fuel tablets. For each tablet, the flame burns for approximately 10 minutes, hot enough to boil 16 oz of water in December in Portland with no lid (tested). Can be used indoors, but always attended and never near flammable materials. Remember, fires are a big deal after an earthquake as there may not be any running water, so extra precautions should be taken.

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Weight 5.4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in


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