Emergency water
Emergency Water Pouch

Emergency Water Pouch


Emergency water pouch

Emergency water pouches, single servings of 125 ml each with no expiration date. (Recommended to replace after 5 years)

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Building your own kit?

These are the best option if you want to stock a kit and then put it away and not have to check it, as this water is guaranteed to stay clean for years (although not forever). Another advantage is that they are easier to divide up or share with others. If you don’t mind refilling your water periodically, you can save money by simply buying a water bottle and filling your own. We recommend at least 8 units, for a liter of water (roughly the same as a quart-sized water bottle). 12 would be better if you have the space.

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Dimensions 6.0 × 4.0 × .05 in


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