Earthquake Essentials Kit
Earthquake Essentials Kit

Earthquake Essentials Kit


This kit is designed for homes and/or businesses and contains the minimum, essential items that you will need to establish a basic level of safety, hygiene and comfort. It includes protection from the elements, first aid, a place and plan for going to the bathroom, emergency lighting for your home or office, emergency radio/phone charger, and more.

Comes with storage instructions, Earthquake Preparation Checklist, Earthquake Action Plan, RDPO Bucket Toilet Guidelines, Post-Earthquake information, and map/list of BEECN sites where you can get aid and information after an earthquake. Kit contents and details in kit description.


Earthquake checklists

Checklists and information

Essentials Kit Information – Some important instructions on storage.
Earthquake Action Plan – An easy-to-follow 10 step checklist.
Post-Earthquake Information – Some additional useful information.
Emergency Toilet Guidebook – RDPO’s guide to using bucket toilets.
BEECN Map/List of nodes – Where you can get help after an earthquake.

Bucket toilets with lids

Bucket Toilet (2)

Two 5 gallon buckets with toilet seats. Bucket toilets come labeled with Portland Emergency Toilet Project instruction stickers on them.

After a major earthquake sewer service will be unavailable. The City of Portland is advising a two-bucket system where pee and poo are separated. Solid waste is collected in bags and stored until the city can collect it, while urine can be emptied on the land over an area the size of your shadow.

Image of single roll of 60 bucket toilet bags

Extra-Strength Bucket Toilet Bags (60)

Environmentally friendly .85 mil, 13 gallon Super Hexane waste bags for bucket toilet made by Evolution Bags out of 100% recycled materials. (Not biodegradable. Biodegradable bags have a very short shelf life.)

Our 60-day supply of extra-strength toilet bags should last 2 months. These oversized bags fit into 5 gallon bucket toilet with enough room to be easily tied and/or doubled back over after tying for “double-bagging” protection.

Trauma Kit

Trauma/First Aid Kit

Combination first aid and trauma kit for injuries that could include heavy bleeding. Comes with easy-to-read Instruction Sheet.

Our kits include ample first aid supplies, and are designed specifically for bleeding injuries in a mass casualty scenario such as a major earthquake or active shooter incident. An effective and easy-to-use SWAT-T tourniquet is included with instructions, and a SWAT-T Instructional Video can be found in the kit description.

This comprehensive, custom kit is highly recommended for both home kits and emergency bags. After testing numerous commercial kits that we found unsatisfactory or light on materials, we developed this one ourselves with help from local paramedics and military field specialists who train medics. Keep in mind that after a disaster, first aid supplies will be quickly consumed and you may have to attend to more serious injuries than you like because there won’t be any 911 service or ambulances for a while.

Emergency radio with hand crank

Emergency Radio & USB Charger

Our top choice for value and versatility, after testing several options and reading many reviews. FM, AM, and Weather channels and a rechargeable 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery that can be charged via an outlet, small solar panel, or hand crank. Additionally takes 3 AAA batteries as a second power source.

This radio can be used to charge your cell phones or any other USB-rechargeable device. With no electricity, radios will also be an important source of news and entertainment.

Gas shut-off tool

Gas Shutoff Tool

Custom metal tool designed to turn off residential natural gas. Cut 9″ x 1.75″ out of flat steel, locally manufactured, with instructions sticker.

After an earthquake, immediately check the gas lines outside your house. Portland authorities say to turn it off only if you smell gas. If you don’t have a crescent/monkey wrench bigger than 10″, you need a tool like this one. Also consider one for your emergency bag – it takes up little space and could also be used to smash out a car window.

NW Natural Video: How to turn off residential gas

Image of 2 Rolls of Plastic Sheeting for covering broken windows

Heavy-Duty Plastic Sheeting (2)

Two rolls of 10 x 25′ heavy duty (3mil) transparent plastic sheeting for sealing broken windows or other home repairs.

The most likely damage to your house will be broken windows. This heavy-duty sheeting will protect your home from the elements, especially in the winter (enough to cover 500 square feet of windows).

Industrial Strength Duct Tape (2)

Max-Strength Industrial Duct Tape (2)

Two rolls of Duck Max Strength Industrial Duct Tape, 2″ by 35 yards each.

Duck’s Max Strength tape is highly rated and a top choice for all-weather use. Seal your windows on all sides, and tape inside corners.

LED emergency string lights

Battery-Powered String Lights

16′ LED string lights (warm white) with 8 settings.  Takes 3 AA batteries.

For eating meals, socializing, night lights, or bathroom lighting, LED string lights produce a warm white light similar to candlelight, without the danger of candles in a water-limited environment. Tested at 80 hours of constant use with 3 AA batteries (2-3 months of dinners).

LED dimmer light

Battery-Powered LED Dimmer Light (2)

3’x4.5″ long-lasting LED light with dimmer switch, takes 3 AAA batteries.

These backup lights can be adjusted for brightness and last far longer than flashlights, lanterns, or headlamps, especially if not used at full strength, and can use batteries from remote controls, mouse, etc. Tested at 37/72 hours at full/half power with 3 AAA batteries. Note: do not put batteries in before use, or they may run down.

Lead free drinking water hose

4′ Drinking Water Hose for Water Heater

4ft Lead and BPA-free reinforced drinking water hose for extracting water from water heater, and filling water storage containers. Protect yourself from exposure to unnecessary chemicals.

A typical water heater has 40 gallons of drinkable water in it – enough for 10 days for a family of 4. This hose ensures access to that water even if your heater is difficult to access or falls over. It can also be used to drain water from a 55 gallon drum.

Heavy duty contractor bags

Heavy-Duty Contractor Bags (3)

Three extra-tough, full size contractor trash bags for storing poop bags and debris.

You should anticipate broken possessions, glass, and debris that must be bagged and removed from homes for eventual collection by the city.

Key ring whistles

Key Ring Whistles (5)

Five small, metal key-ring whistles.

Don’t underestimate the possibility of being trapped. These whistles take little space on a key chain, and can also be put in a child’s pillowcase or left in basements or utility rooms with single points of exit.

Energizer Max batteries

Energizer Max batteries – AA and AAA

You’ll need batteries! We include 4 AA and 12 AAA Energizer Max batteries – enough to power all your lights and radio, with an extra 3 AAA batteries left over for replacements.

Energizer Max batteries are top rated, zero mercury alkaline batteries with a 10 year life span and leakage protection for 2 years after fully used – which may be important as used batteries will be a major waste issue. Please note that if you put batteries in your devices, they are more likely to lose power in storage.

Additional information

Weight 24.4 lbs
Dimensions 20.5 × 14.5 × 14 in


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