Commuter kit
Commuter Emergency Bag

Commuter Emergency Bag


If you commute to work and there is an earthquake, you will have to walk home, as long as it takes. For those who work downtown, there may also not be means of crossing the river for several days, and you may have to live out of the office till then. This commuter bag is an emergency comfort kit to get you through the first 24-48 hours.

This kit comes in a heavy-duty, waterproof drawstring backpack small enough to fit under the driver or passenger seat of most cars and trucks, or out of sight in a desk drawer. It contains the most essential items you will need, including a basic first aid kit, emergency water, sanitary supplies, and more. (See below for detailed list.) There is additional room for a warm hat, clean pair of socks, extra medications, or other small items.

Doesn’t have what you want? Consider building your own custom kit.

Quantity discounts available! Contact us to purchase for your whole office.


Drawstring backpack

Drawstring Backpack

An inexpensive option for smaller kits. Heavy-duty, waterproof drawstring backpack with Portland Earthquake Kits logo, thick string, size 15.75″ by 11.8″. This bag is small enough to fit under a car seat, or in a desk drawer, or in a larger commuter bag.

If you upgrade to a bigger backpack later, you can stow this as an extra bag for things you want to bring with you from the office, or store under your bed as a bedroom bag.



After an earthquake, navigating through damaged buildings and crowded streets will be confusing. Having your hands free to carry any items you need, hold other people, or move things out of the way will be a big help. A headlamp is also nearly essential for two handed tasks like attending to wounds.  These basic headlamps take 3 AAA batteries and can flip down in order not to shine in other people’s faces. Consider buying extra batteries.


Small First Aid Kit

Basic First Aid Kit

Our basic, small first aid kit for attending bleeding injuries. It contains sufficient bandaging material to cover a single major (non-arterial) bleeding injury as well as a selection of different sized band aids and bandages. Comes with easy-to-read Instruction Sheet with pointers for dealing with serious wounds or multiple victims.

Kit consists entirely of bandaging materials and is designed for office or city use (not wilderness). If you need a more comprehensive first aid kit, we recommend you purchase our Trauma Kit instead, or in conjunction with these smaller kits which can be used as bandage supplements.

See kit description for contents and details.
Stop the Bleed website

Emergency poncho

Emergency Rain Poncho

Basic rain poncho with hood, one-size-fits-all, approximately 4 feet from wrist to wrist with arms outstretched, and about 3.5 feet from neck to waist. Square shape with holes for hands, this shape is good for protecting whatever you are wearing and a backpack in moderate rain, and can also be cut at the sides and used as a tarp or groundsheet.

Emergency Sleeping Bag

Emergency Sleeping Bag

Measuring roughly 3 feet by 6.5 feet, this mylar emergency sleep sack is waterproof, light, and retains up to 90% of your body heat. We tested one in mid-winter and were very pleased to find that it actually keeps you quite warm. This is bigger and much more effective than an emergency blanket, and if you think you might have to spend the night outside, go for this one. You can also increase warmth by including extra insulation – clothes, paper, leaves, etc.

KN95 Healthcare Mask

KN95 Disposable Healthcare Mask

Flat-fold, white, universal size.

Note: KN95s are Chinese masks that are not FDA approved.  Until U.S. masks are readily available at a reasonable price, we are substituting these, to be used as dust masks in a post-earthquake situation. They are also effective against diseases such as COVID 19.

Image of 5 toilet bags for after an emergency

Extra Strength Toilet Bags (5)

5 Environmentally friendly, extra-strength .85 mil, 13 gallon Super Hexane waste bags made by Evolution Bags out of 100% recycled materials. After an earthquake, all solid human waste will need to be bagged and disposed of in accordance with instructions from local authorities. Consider that flush toilets connected to city sewer systems may not be operable for over a year, and there will be little water to clean anything (see chart at the bottom of our home page). All earthquake kits should include plastic bags big enough to poop into and toilet paper.

Super Hexane trash bags are among the strongest and most puncture resistant on the market. These 13 gallon bags can be conveniently used to line any empty toilet bowl (under the seat), used with a bucket toilet, or simply laid on the ground, with enough room to easily tie afterward and double back over for “double-bagging” protection.

Pocket Tissues

Pocket Tissues (3)

3 individual travel packs of tissues, standard size for for personal hygiene. Let’s be honest: you are not going to be worried about blowing your nose. The main need for these will be to wipe yourself if you have to poop. Bathrooms will not be usable and you should expect toilet paper to be in short supply.

Image of 3 antimicrobial wipes

Antimicrobial Wipes (3)

Antimicrobial products are antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. Antibacterial products should always be used sparingly, but after an earthquake there will be no running water. These wipes are intended for use in scenarios where there is risk of infection, such as cleaning hands after touching blood or other potentially infectious matter or prior to eating with your hands. Note that diarrheal diseases are a major concern after disasters.

Keychain whistles

Key Ring Whistles (2)

Two small, metal key-ring whistles.

To let people know where you are. Don’t underestimate the possibility of being trapped. One for your keychain, one for your kit. Recommended!

energizer max batteries

Energizer Max batteries (4-pack AAA)

Don’t forget batteries! You will want to have at least enough to power any devices you purchase here, and an extra set or two is not a bad idea. Soon after a disaster batteries may be in short supply, and when they are available you will probably have to wait in line to get them. Batteries can also be used for trading.

Don’t rely on cheap batteries. Energizer Max batteries are top rated, zero mercury alkaline batteries with a 10 year life span and leakage protection for 2 years after fully used – which may be important as used batteries will be a major waste issue. Please note that if you put batteries in your devices, they are more likely to lose power in storage.

Additional information

Weight 24.4 lbs
Dimensions 20.5 × 14.5 × 14 in


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