Image of bucket toilet kit, to be used in emergencies
Bucket Toilet Kit

Bucket Toilet Kit


Contains the items you need to set up a an emergency bathroom in your home or office. Comes with two buckets with folding seats that firmly attach to buckets, 60 oversize toilet bags for bagging poop, and 3 contractor bags for single, double, or triple bagging poop bags for pickup. Buckets have stickers on them from the Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization (RDPO) with instructions. Don’t be caught with your pants down!

Bucket Toilet Kit contents shown below.


Bucket toilets with lids

Bucket Toilet (2)

Two 5 gallon buckets with toilet seats. Bucket toilets come labeled with Portland Emergency Toilet Project instruction stickers on them.

After a major earthquake sewer service will be unavailable. The City of Portland is advising a two-bucket system where pee and poo are separated. Solid waste is collected in bags and stored until the city can collect it, while urine can be emptied on the land over an area the size of your shadow.

Image of single roll of 60 bucket toilet bags

Extra-Strength Bucket Toilet Bags (60)

Environmentally friendly .85 mil, 13 gallon Super Hexane waste bags for bucket toilet made by Evolution Bags out of 100% recycled materials. (Not biodegradable. Biodegradable bags have a very short shelf life.)

Our 60-day supply of extra-strength toilet bags should last 2 months. These oversized bags fit into 5 gallon bucket toilet with enough room to be easily tied and/or doubled back over after tying for “double-bagging” protection.

Heavy duty contractor bags

Heavy-Duty Contractor Bags (3)

Three extra-tough, full size contractor trash bags for storing poop bags and debris.

You should anticipate broken possessions, glass, and debris that must be bagged and removed from homes for eventual collection by the city.


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