Nutritional bar
Better Bars (2 energy bars)

Better Bars (2 energy bars)

Better Bars (2)

Two locally produced nutritional bars from Portland-based company. Vegan, no gluten, no dairy, no trans-fat, no soy, no nuts, non-gmo. These provide great, immediate short-term energy with no sugar high. Tried one yet? Delicious! From the website:

Unlike most nutritional bars The Better Bar is raw pressed, meaning that no additional heat or oxygen is used in the process of making our bars so nutrients aren’t lost. Raw pressed foods maintain the natural enzymes allowing your body to fully break down all of the nutrients, giving you natural and sustainable energy without the “crash”.  Read more at

Eat them before they expire and replace with another or similar item. We also sell 10 packs in our store. We highly recommend adding additional snacks of your choice.

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