Battery-Powered LED String Lights

Battery-Powered String Lights

16″ LED string lights (warm white) with 8 settings. 4 AA Energizer Max long-lasting batteries included with a 10 year life span. (The device takes 3; the extra one can be rotated in to extend useful life.)

For eating meals, socializing, night lights, or bathroom lighting, LED string lights produce a warm white light similar to candlelight, without the danger of candles in a water-limited environment. Tested at 80 hours of constant use with 3 AA batteries (2-3 months of dinners).


16″ LED string lights (warm white) with 8 settings. (3 AA Energizer Max batteries included).

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Additional information

Weight.1 lbs
Dimensions3.5 × 3 × 1 in


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