10 Emergency toilet bags for after an emergency
Extra-Strength Toilet Bags (10)

Extra-Strength Toilet Bags (10)

Extra Strength Toilet Bags (10)

10 Environmentally friendly, extra-strength .85 mil, 13 gallon Super Hexane waste bags made by Evolution Bags out of 100% recycled materials. After an earthquake, all solid human waste will need to be bagged and disposed of in accordance with instructions from local authorities. Consider that flush toilets connected to city sewer systems may not be operable for over a year, and there will be little water to clean anything. All earthquake kits should include plastic bags big enough to poop into and toilet paper.

Super Hexane trash bags are among the strongest and most puncture resistant on the market. These 13 gallon bags can be conveniently used to line any empty toilet bowl (under the seat), used with a bucket toilet, or simply laid on the ground, with enough room to easily tie afterward and double back over for “double-bagging” protection.


5 day supply of extra-strength toilet bags, for each person. Learn more about the importance of bagging your poop after an earthquake:

Have You Planned For Number 2 After The Big One? – Read or listen to this OPB article.

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Weight .1 lbs


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